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項目 英語
C/N比 carbon-nitrogen ratio
CAB cable box
CAD computer aided design
CAD/CAM computer aided design、computer aided manufacturing 
CAE computer aided engineering
CAFM Computer Aided Facility Management 
CALS Computer Aided Logistic Support 
CAM computer aided manufacturing
CASBEE Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency 
CATV community antenna television system、cable television service 
CAVユニット constant air volume unit 
CAV方式 constant air volume system 
CA冷蔵倉庫 controlled atmosphere refrigerated warehouse
CB circuit breaker
CB形キュービクル受電設備 cubicletype unit substation with CB 
CCD charge coupled device
CCPケーブル color coded polyethylene insulated cable 
CCTV closed circuit television
CCU coronary care unit
CDM clean development mechanism
CD管 combine duct
CEC co-efficient of energy consumption 
CEC/AC co-efficient of energy consumption for air conditioning 
CEC/EV co-efficient of energy consumption for elevator 
CEC/HW co-efficient of energy consumption for hot water supply 
CEC/L co-efficient of energy consumption for lighting 
CEC/V co-efficient of energy consumption for ventilation 
CES centralized extension system
CFC chloro-fluoro-carbon
CFD computational fuluid dynamics
CGI common gateway interface
CGS co-generation system
CIB Conseil International du B?timent pour la Recherche、I'Etude et la Documentation 
CIE Commission International del' Eclairage 
CIS community information system
CMOSセンサー CMOS sensor
CMマシン commercial message machine 
CO carbon monoxide
COD chemical oxygen demand
COP coefficient of performance
COP3 3rd Conference of the Parties
CPC集熱器 compound parabolic concentrator 
CPEEケーブル city pair polyethylene insulated and sheathed cable 
CPEVケーブル city pair polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed cable 
CRT cathode-ray tube
CS communication satellite
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility 
CT current transformer
CVCF constant-voltage constant-frequency power supply unit 
CVTケーブル crosslinked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed triplex type cable 
CVV PVC insulated PVC sheathed control cable 
CV値 CV value
CVケーブル crosslinked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed cable 
CWV方式 constant water volume system 
Cx commissioning
Cチャンネル C shape channel
C火災 class C fire
C級冷蔵倉庫 class C refrigerated warehouse 
C種接地工事 class C grounding work(100 ohms and below) 
C種絶縁 class C insulation
C重油 fuel oil C
C特性 C scale

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